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Cooperation and communication

Galanz provides quality services for mutual benefit and win-win future

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Channel Cooperation

Looking for global channel business partners

Galanz looks for global channel and trading partners, operates Galanz brand products, provides its partners with product and policy support, and creates a win-win situation together with its partners.

Brand Co-creation

Looking for globally local brand partners

Galanz supports the establishment of partnerships with global brands, provides a full range of customized products and solutions to the brands, and helps partner brands reduce product operating cost and improve operation benefits.

Customized Production to Customized Design

Looking for global leading vendors in design, technology, and enterprise service

Galanz not only possesses its own R & D and production capabilities, but also looks forward to establish partnerships with the rest of the global leading suppliers in technology research and development, production innovation, product design, and product sales, etc, thus sharing each other’s achievements and creating a better future together.

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